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Right from the launch 1st of March 2017 this web-portal embraces 9 websites. Each and every one of them aims at delivering inspiration and information regarding content mangement and CMS´s leveraged by open source, open data-standards and non-proprietary solutions.

Most attention goes to Linux and all those javascript-frameworks and -libraries, that dominate the present agenda and show the way for future development in terms of it and internet - being both frontend and backend.

But there´s no need to just keep on talking about this. That´s why the portal at hand takes its own medicine - so to speak. It´s not entirely about open source. It´s made out of open source.

Here comes the stack:

Server Software Nginx
Server OS Ubuntu
Generator Software Hugo
Webdesign Theme Rapid/Hueman
Webdesign Template Go templates
Client Data source Markdown-filer
Client OS Windows

At the 9 websites you´ll likely run into information and views colored by quite a preference for CMS´s, which tend to:

  1. Be simple and straightforward
  2. Be easy to maintain and keep running
  3. Be sustainable
  4. Be stable
  5. Be secure and un-hackable
  6. Be low budget in terms of both purchase and operation
  7. Fast
  8. Ensure (re)use of text in multiple products
  9. Store content in an accessible way
  10. Empower the creator of the content.

Is this possible at all - and at the same time? Possibly there is not just one answer to this. And most certainly the answer will at least take up more than one article.

That´s exactly why there has been made room for the answer in a collection of websites, which offer enlightenment in a multitude of ways and areas.

But why necessarily just read about open-this and open-that? You are hereby invited to contribute. Please send a mail including your article. For conveniency - and in order to «walk the talk» - you´re encouraged to write your post in markdown-format.

Big welcome

Jan Larsen

Webdeveloper and webmaster