year 2017 (6)

Front-end library Vue is now being used by more developers worldwide than Angular. According to State og JavaScript 2017, 4647 respondents stick to Vue when doing front-end development. For Angular the number is 4449. Angular´s 30 pct. lead from the 2016-survey has vanished. The reason may be, that significantly more developers choose to ditch Angular compared to Vue. React still leads the front-end-pack, though, now gaining support from 13.669 respondents.

Last week, the front-end library Vue.js surpassed 260.000 NPM downloads. This suggests, that the library is now entering the million-downloads-per-month-league. Simultaneously Vue.js surpassed AngularJS in the field for the first time. However, present Angular and the present king of js-libraries, React, are still being downloaded significantly more often.

There may be other danish MEVN stacks out there, but it has not been possible to identify any. So may be the first of the kind in Denmark. It is a module offering users to whrite posts to, and

JLKM develops websites using static site generators, front end libraries open source CMS systems, and storage in markdown or NoSQL.

1589 minutes and 45,000 of related pdf-attachments have been moved from Lotus Notes to static webpages on the danish Viborg Municipality website. In the process formatted text (rich text) incl. Notes-tables have been transformed into css-friendly html using the static site generator Hugo.

Jan Larsen provides website-development using the static side generators Hugo and Hexo as well as Keystone CMS. In addition, JLKM extracts data for storage in markdown or MongoDB - and final presentation through static site generators, CMS´es or Vue.js.