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Jan Larsen CV

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Jan Larsen

Kornmodsbakken 176

8210 Aarhus V

Mobil: 2252 0319

E-mail: info@jlkm.dk

LinkedIn: https://dk.linkedin.com/pub/jan-larsen/98/a7b/11b

GitHub: https://github.com/jlkm

1999 - Self-educated web-developer with special expertise in frontend, open source, Vue, NodeJS, NoSQL, Static site generators and Lotus Notes
1994 - 1995 Diploma in Nature-, Environment- and Science-journalism.
1988 - 1994 Diploma in Human Resource.
1983 - 1987 Journalist from Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) in Aarhus.
Working experience
2017 - Self-employed web-developer with extra focus on open source - including static site generators (Hugo), frontend libraries (Vue.js) and NoSQL (MongoDB).
2006 - Owner of Jan Larsen Knowledge Management (JLKM)
Further development and continuous expansion of Udvandrerne.dk and sibling websites to at present approx. 30.000 documents. This in regard to both web-development, writing/gathering content and marketing. In addition, I have been hired for web-development assistance at Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX), BKI Coffee, Odense Municipality and Viborg Municipality among others. The development has taken place in Lotus Notes (client, web and XPages) using HTML, CSS, javascript, LotusScript, Notes formula language and, to a lesser extent, C#.
1998 - 2005 CFJE (today an integrated part of Danish School of Media and Journalism - DMJX), Aarhus
Responsible for building ip both the internal and external information systems. Web editor and webmaster at www.cfje.dk (now closed), in charge of the website growth from 0 to 10,000+ documents. Also contributing as analysts in the fields of journalism, media, internet and IT. Author of the following reports - both in danish:
Knowledge Management in the Media: Report: Knowledge Management in the Media
E-learning for the news room: Report: E-learning for the news room
1996 - 1998 Danish Center for Further Education of Journalists (DjE), Aarhus
IT-responsible, courseleader and planner of courses about internet and Microsoft Office apps.
1988 - 1996 Horsens Folkeblad (local newspaper in Jutland, Denmark)
Journalist with extended focus on environment, health, social and regional issues.
1987 - 1988 Vejle Amts Folkeblad (local newspaper also in Jutland, Denmark)
Local editor covering Jelling Municipality (the residence of Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth, both kings of Denmark in the 10th century).
IT-development expertise
Discipline/framework/platform/language etc. Description and examples Rating 1-10 (10 is best) Practised since
HTML (4) Use on a daily basis since the launch of www.cfje.dk 10 1999
HTML 5 The basis of all development since the refactoring of Udvandrerne.dk to HTML 5/CSS 3 incl. semantic tagging (microdata) in 2014. 10 2014
Regular expressions User of RegEx for input-validation in HTML 5 and for removal og font tags and inline styles for migration project in Viborg Kommune 5-6 2015
CSS 10 2005
CSS 3 Refactoring of Udvandrerne.dk from «font tags and inline styles» to HTML 5/CSS 3. Experience with Holy Grail layout, Bootstrap and other css libraries. 10 2014
LESS / SASS Have testet both. 2-3 2015
Responsive webdesign Media queries are a part of every stylesheet these days. 7-8 2015
Søgemaskine-optimering Have been doing various on-site SEO-optimization since the launch ofUdvandrerne.dk. User of Google Webmasterservice for the last decade. 6-7 2002
Javascript Heavy user of javascript for input validation, before RegEx and HTML 5 took over. Also used for XPages development in Lotus Notes, map-illustrations in Leaflet and in a number of Node.js setups. My knowledge has been continous updated with the new features of EcmaScript 5/6/2015. 7-8 1999
jQuery Used in various applications and for JSON-import/AJAX. 3-4 2015
Vue Development of MEVN.dk, which is built on MongoDB, Express, Vue and Node.js. It’s probably the first MEVN-stack in Denmark. Several test-applications using Vue.js supported by Vue-router, Vuex, Nuxt, Axios and Firebase. 7 2017
Angular Extensive tests of Angular 2 before switch to Vue 2 2016
TypeScript Have completed a lot os tests with typescript incl. real-time transpilation to javascript in NodeJS. 4-5 2016
Node.js Work with Node.js on a daily basis with emphasis on CMS´s, Static Site Generators and forum- og wiki-applications. Have in that connection done setups with NodeBB, Hexo, PencilBlue, Keystone and Rest API against JSON Server and MongoDB. My Node.js-installations run on both Ubuntu and Windows. 6-7 2016
MongoDB MongoDB is in present use as backend for MEVN.dk, which is built on both Vue.js and Nuxt. Have also done setups with PencilBlue, Keystone, NodeBB using MongoDB as backend. Robomongo/Robo 3T serves as interface for convenient data-control. 6-7 2016
Nginx This document has been served by Nginx from my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. 5-6 2016
Ubuntu This document resides on a headless Ubuntu-server 16.04 LTS, which I have setup to run both Node.js and static websites. 4-5 2016
LotusScript This is an object-oriented and visual basic-like language. Cornerstone in my work with Lotus Notes throughout this millennium. 7-8 2000
CMS Completed and further developments of several CMS´es (internet and intranet) in Lotus Notes/Domino. The same is the case for websites in WordPress, PencilBlue, Hexo, Keystone (Node.js) and Hugo (GoLang). The most recent showcase is MEVN.dk - a CMS built on MongoDB, Express, Vue and Node.js/Nuxt.js. 10 1998
Hexo Have made a demo for a danish Municipality showing how to extract documents from Lotus Notes database with decisions and turn them into a static website in modern design with Hexo. 8 2016
Hugo Have converted Udvandrerne.dk and 5 sibling-sites containing almost 30.000 documents from Lotus Notes via [markdown](https://markdown.dk] to a static website designed and rendered in Hugo.
Has carried out a migration of a website with minutes at Viborg Municipality. Also from Lotus Notes to a static website - and again using Hugo.
Have also created a intranet-demo for a danish Municipality showing how to extract documents from Lotus Notes database with decisions and turn them into a static website with Hugo. The site was then migrated once more to be embedded inside Sharepoint online, where the .htnl-pages maintained full functionality after a rename to .aspx.
10 2016
Git/GitHub Contributor since 2016 - repo since 2017 6 2016
C# / ASP.NET MVC Development of a single website in C# / ASP.NET MVC for a customer. 3-4 2015
Netværk og DNS Years of experience with DNS management on gratis-dns.dk and routing/redirection on Lotus Domino. Familiar with configuration of Nginx (reverse proxy) and https/SSL with Let´s Encrypt. 5-6 2002
Google Maps API Several demo-maps have been made in Google Maps before switching to the competing library Leaflet. 5 2013
Leaflet API Have developed dozens of dynamic maps - also with layers and clusters. They were active on Udvandrerne.dk between autumn 2015 and string 2017. 7-8 2014
Google AdSense In operation on Udvandrerne.dk from spring 2015 to spring 2017. 3-4 2015
Google Analytics Used for more than a decade on Udvandrerne.dk including uploads of sitemaps. 4-5 2006
Lotus Notes/Domino Experienced developer of numerous applications targeted at both client and web in the areas of CMS, CRM, project management, wiki, agendas/minutes and helpdesk. 10 1996
SQL SQLite user on a regular basis. Have also been using SQL for a short period at a customer. 2 2016
Microsoft Access Have developed several Access-applications. Experience includes teaching at courses in Access. 3-4 1998
Microsoft Excel User through the main part of my adult life. Have teached at courses for journalists in how to use the spreadsheet for research. 5 1996
Adobe Photoshop User for the half of my life. 6-7 1996
Gimp Open source alternative to Photoshop. Regular user. 4-5 2015
2016 Single page application webdesign using jQuery, JSON og AJAX
Arr.: Prosa Aarhus
2015 Search engine optimization (SEO)
Arr.: FOF Aarhus.
2014 Creating websites in WordPress
Arr.: FOF Aarhus.
2009 - 2014 NoSQL, NodeJS, app-udvikling, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, WordPress etc.
Arr.: Notesnet. Various seminars.
2004 Collaboration with QuickPlace
Arr.: OpusNeo.
2001 - 2003 Webdevelopment in Lotus Notes/Domino
Arr.: Cinet, Arthur Andersen Coursecenter, DTI og Mindcom.
2002 Javascript
Arr.: Deloitte & Touche.
2000 Elearning with LearningSpace
Arr.: Lotus Development Danmark.
1998 - 2000 Development in Lotus Notes
Arr.: Cinet and Arthur Andersen Coursecenter.
Born 1962. Childhood on a farm outside Brovst, Nordjylland. Married to Lisbeth. Together we´ve got two children, 21 and 18 of age, that have both moved out. Badminton-player since my youth and vice chairman at the local home-owner´s association for 6 years.