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Apart from running the website Udvandrerne.dk, JLKM delivers web development for both internet and intranet. The specialty is websites and wikis with articles, guides, contributions, comments, debates etc.

Focus is on document-based systems, as JLKM has almost 20 years of programming experience in the Lotus Notes/Domino document database. Recently, the main emphasis has moved towards webdevelopment using Vue.js as well as extraction of data from Lotus Notes and other databases, converting and refining the material and finally using it to build websites with static site generators.

MEVN.dk is the main showcase for the work with Vue.js. The site is likely to be the [first MEVN-stack in Denmark]((https://vue-js.dk/da/klient-siden/vue/den-foerste-mevn-stak-danmark/) - being a CMS built on MongoDB, Express, Vue and Node.js.

As far as static site generators (SSG´s) are concerned, the article in front of your eyes is generated using this technology. It has been written directly in the text format markdown and then been converted to html with the static page generator Hugo. The same goes for the rest of the site, which is indeed multi-tenant with a total of 10 domains divided into two languages. The domains, which can also be regarded as independendt sites, are so closely integrated, that cross-links between articles on different sites are generated automatically, if content is related.

JLKM has completed a migration of Udvandrerne.dk and 5 sibling sites with a total of almost 30,000 documents from Lotus Notes to a static site. Further more JLKM has been responsible for the migration of Viborg Municipality´s website with council and committee minutes from Lotus Notes to static web pages. Both projects have been carried out with extensive use of Hugo.

The hands-on experience with developing and building static sites also includes the js library Hexo, which is a competitor of Hugo and the most popular static site generator in javascript.

Static side generators (SSG´s) have gained considerable popularity througout the world. For several reasons:

  • It´s all about running open source software, saying goodbye to licenses and vendor lock-in.
  • SSG´s represent «back to basics». They restore the simplicity and transparency, that used to characterize the first, file based websites in the ´90s, while still taking full advantage of responsive web design, front-end libraries and other features of today.
  • In this respect we´ve not only jumped from SQL to NoSQL, but all the way to NoDB. The documents are stored directly in the file system. Hence a database(server) is no longer required, which means saved money for licenses, maintenance and surveillance.
  • On top of this, data-power is no longer necessary to retrieve content from a database and merge it into the correct html, each time the user clicks on a page. Talking SSG the page has been rendered for a long time, when the user arrive. It just needs the last push from server disk to the user´s browser.

The method or technology behind static sites is often referred to as a JAMstack, the initials representing the three elements that are sufficient to make the site run. They are Javascript, API and Markup. The stack is the name of the code required to retrieve the data on the server and display it in the browser. The initials doesn´t include any letter to refer to the database, sinde there is no such thing. This is quite a leap from existing technologies as the LAMP-stack and MEAN-stack, which use MySQL and MongoDB as backend respectively.

MongoDB, an open source document database, happens to be another working area of JLKM. MongoDB constitutes the backend for MEVN.dk. Have also done setups with PencilBlue and Keystone, both of which run in Node.js and use MongoDB for storage.

Finally, JLKM delivers web map developing. Experience in this field includes the open source library Leaflet, that has previously been used to generate maps on Udvandrerne.dk, as well as Google Maps.

JLKM is owned by Jan Larsen.

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